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Redborne Upper School

Redborne Upper School

& Community College


Redborne is a wonderful place to work and learn. Our pastoral system is designed to ensure that all students are known as individuals, are cared for and are encouraged to succeed. Students are placed in form groups with a tutor who sees them every day and gets to know them well. Heads of Year take responsibility for the academic progress, welfare and behaviour of students in their year group. Pastoral Support Officers work with year staff and students in many areas including monitoring student attendance and punctuality. Pastoral staff give students guidance throughout their time in school. There are regular target setting meetings with tutors to agree priorities for improvement. Students are given access to specialist help in areas such as careers advice.

Students matter to us and we listen to what they say about their school. Our students are inspiring young people and it is a privilege to work with them. There is an active School Council with representatives from every form. The School Council produces an annual report outlining their many achievements. Our students care about those less fortunate and each year raise large sums of money for both local and national charities.

Visitors comment upon the good order and motivation of students as they tour the school. Students cannot learn if there is disorder and disruption. We set and expect high standards. Discipline is firm but fair. There are clear expectations: we expect students to be polite, to show self respect, respect for each other and respect for staff. School uniform is one way that students show that they belong and, here too, we insist upon high standards.

We want students to be fit and healthy. School meals present young people with a wide range of healthy choices and regular exercise also contributes to students’ wellbeing. Personal wellbeing lessons enable students to stay safe by avoiding risky behaviour. Our full-time school counsellor fits in with our ethos of a ‘healthy mind in a healthy body’.

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