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Redborne Upper School

Redborne Upper School

& Community College

Redborne Teaching Partnership

RTP work closely with a range of schools, offering support in many areas, including:

  • Offering bespoke training and advisory work with English, Mathematics and Science departments.
  • Providing leadership support and training.
  • Ofsted preparation.
  • Sharing our nationally recognised expertise in the management and use of data.
  • Working with UTCs and other new or developing institutions.
  • Helping other schools to address areas of concern or development, through consultation and training.
  • Bespoke CPD training with a focus on teaching and learning including positive behaviour management, differentiation, the inspirational teacher, questioning and active learning.
  • Support for improving the outcomes of disadvantaged students, lower prior attainment and most able students.
  • Lead Partner for Initial Teacher Training.

We work in partnership with the University of Bedfordshire as a teacher training provider: one of our colleagues is seconded to the university two days per week as their School Partnership Advisor. 

We offer a highly developed and well regarded ITT professional development programme to trainees placed in our school and are pleased to offer support to other schools in this area.

Our work with UTCs is supported by The Baker Dearing Trust.

We provide facilities for the delivery of training (the Croft Centre) which is available for external hire. 

Our team

Nikki Brennan – Director of Redborne Teaching Partnership, school to school support and CPD.  As an Assistant Headteacher, SLE and teacher of Science, Nikki's current role is leading teaching and learning across the school, staff training and conferences, as well as interventions to support all pupils in English and Mathematics. 

Jon Gunn – Director of Redborne Teaching Partnership, Initial Teacher Education and University of Bedfordshire School Partnership Advisor. Jon is also a Geography teacher and former subject leader and head of faculty.  Jon has over 15 years expertise in mentoring and coaching staff.

Jane Luck – Early Career Framework Co-ordinator, SLE and English teacher.  Jane supports early career teachers and their mentors as part of the Early Career Professional Development programme. 

Olivia Calloway – Professional Tutor to all trainees at Redborne and subject leader of Physics. Olivia co-ordinates the professional studies training programme, supports mentors in school and also leads our teachers for tomorrow programme. 

Vicki Walsh – RTP Senior Administrator, Vicki has worked in Central Bedfordshire Schools since 2008.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of some support for your school or institution, please contact or on 01525 842614.

Contact Us

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