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KS4 and KS5 Options Evening

Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 Curriculum Guide

Welcome to our curriculum guide for Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5; this website will provide you with information about the curriculum offer available to you next year. We are very proud of the broad and balanced curriculum that we offer, and you will see that these principles received the full backing of the Ofsted team in our recent inspection, contributing to the ‘outstanding’ rating for leadership and management. In this guide, we offer you guidance on how best to make a choice so that you make the right decisions in selecting your preferred courses. We then provide specific details of the courses offered.

This page contains short presentations from our subject leads about each of the broad range of options open to you at Redborne as you consider the next steps in your educational journey.

In addition to this you will find links to all the key documentation you might need, in particular we recommend that you look at:

If you wish to know more about a particular subject that we offer, please see visit the faculty close up page for the subject using the links below where you will find the individual video presentation.



Please note that the Key Stage 4 options form will be made available to you digitally through Edulink and, additionally, you will be notified by email when this happens.  If you wish to know which options are available in which blocks, please see the Key Stage 4 blocking form below:

Block A Block B Block C Block D
Ebacc courses
Computer Science Geography Computer Science French
Geography German French Geography
History History Geography German
Spanish Latin History History
Triple Science Triple Science Spanish Triple Science
    Triple Science  
Non-Ebacc GCSE Courses
Business Studies Business Studies Art * Art *
Drama Design & Technology Business Studies Business Studies
Graphics* Drama Drama Design & Technology
Music Food * Design & Technology Dance
PE Graphics * Film PE
Philosophy & ethics Music Food Philosophy & ethics
  Philosophy & ethics PE  
GCSE-equivalent courses
Catering (WJEC) Agriculture (NPTC) Agriculture (NPTC) Agriculture (NPTC)
Child development (CNAT) Creative iMedia (CNAT) Child development (CNAT) Catering (WJEC)
Creative iMedia (CNAT) Sport (CNAT) Information Technology Child development (CNAT)
Double Agriculture (NPTC) * Fashion (BTEC) * Music (BTEC) Creative iMedia (CNAT)
    Sport (CNAT) Fashion (BTEC) *
      Music (BTEC)

* Students can only take one of Art, Graphics or Fashion
+ Students can pick either PE or Sport (CNAT), but cannot take both
! Students can pick either Music or Music (BTEC), but cannot take both
# Student can pick either Food or Catering, but cannot take both

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