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Redborne Upper School

Redborne Upper School

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Personal Well-being

Lessons are taught in years 9 - 11 to all students once each fortnight. The Personal Wellbeing programme of study caters for the needs of today’s students and is regularly updated to reflect these needs.

The programme of study includes:

1. Identity - personal qualities, attitudes, skills, attributes and achievements and what influences these

2. Relationships - positive and negative

3. Physical, emotional and social wellbeing including a balanced and healthy lifestyle

4. Diversity and equality in all its forms

5. Rights (including the notion of universal human rights) and responsibilities (including fairness and justice and consent).

6. Change (as something to be managed) and resilience.

7. Power - how it is used and encountered in a variety of contexts including persuasion, bullying, negotiation and ‘win-win’ outcomes

8. Careers - including enterprise, employability and economic understanding







The world we live in is constantly changing and the content of our Personal Wellbeing programme is extremely relevant to students’ lives. At Redborne, we aim to keep all information current and appropriate to our students’ needs. Personal Wellbeing helps students to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society; from making responsible decisions about alcohol to succeeding in their first job, and responsibilities they will face growing up.

Miss C Clarke is the Personal Wellbeing co-ordinator and it is taught by a range of staff.

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