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Labour Market Information for All (LMI)

Labour Market Information can tell you the number of people in certain types of jobs, whether they work full or part-time, how many people are unemployed and what is likely to happen locally.

LMI for All is an online data portal Access Here which connects and standardises existing sources of high quality, reliable labour market information (LMI) with the aim of informing careers decisions.  Click to pick a job (in the online data portal above) and type in the job you are interested in. This then gives you up to date labour market information about that job.  There are two cards so you can compare your career choices.

The portal makes data available and encourages open use by applications and websites that can bring the data to life for a range of audiences. This is an open data project, which is supporting the wider government agenda to encourage use and re-use of government data sets.

Accessing the SEMLEP site is also very helpful because it gives up to date information about growth areas in our geographical area. 


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