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A-Level and GCSE Results 2020 FAQ

Answers to some common questions in connection to A-Level and GCSE Results 2020

I am happy with my son/daughter’s overall grades, do I need to do anything? 

Well done, no need to do anything other than to focus on their progression to university, apprenticeship or employment. 


My son/daughter has got the grades they need to get onto the next phase of their education but they are lower than they wanted, what should I do? 

Congratulations, as once again progression is the most important objective and they can now progress to the next stage of their academic journey. We strongly recommend that they accept their place and focus on getting ready for the transition to their next stage in education, particularly as they have been out of face to face education for such a long period of time.  


Where can I find my son/daughter’s Centre Assessed Grade (CAG) and ranking? 

The centre assessed grade and ranking information provided to the exam board(s) by Redborne Upper School can be provided upon request to the exams office.  For contact information and availability please see the exams page on the school website:


My son/daughter’s Centre Assessed Grade is higher than their final awarded grade, what can be done about this? 

At present we are awaiting clarification from Ofqual. However, if their final awarded grade is sufficient for them to progress to university we recommend that they focus on getting ready for the transition to higher education, particularly as they have been out of face to face education for such a long period of time.


My son/daughter’s final grades are much lower than we were expecting and they are not able to progress to their first-choice university, what should we do? 

If they have a second-choice option then explore this as an alternative. You may also benefit from speaking to one of our Career’s Leader, Mrs Teresa Farrow: 01525 842676

Alternatively, you can also contact the National Careers Service via the link below 


My son/daughter’s CAG is much lower than we were expecting, can we appeal? 

The CAG was calculated using a rich source of information based on each students’ academic performance over the preceding two years. However, if you feel there has been an error in the process itself which has led to a lower CAG grade then you can appeal. 


Can you explain the appeals process? 

Information relating to grounds and processes to appeal can be found on our website via the link below


What are the possible outcomes of an appeal?? 

If you submit an application to appeal after your subject grade has been issued there are three possible outcomes: 

  • Your original calculated grade is lowered so your final grade may be lower than the original grade you received 

  • Your calculated grade is confirmed as correct, so there is no change to your grade 

  • Your original calculated grade is raised, so your final grade may be higher than the original grade you received 


My son/daughter’s mock grade was higher than their final grade, can the grade be changed? 

The government has announced that students will be able to receive ‘valid mock results’ if they’re not happy with their calculated grades – and we know you may have questions about this. We’re waiting for more details on how this will work and we’ll update our website as soon as we know more.


I’ve heard there is an autumn exam series I can enter should my son/daughter wish to resit their exams, should I enter them? 

That depends on your situation and what you want to achieve. The exams will be in October so if your son/daughter is already at university studying for their degree, it may be that this is a distraction that could affect their higher education studies, so think carefully before committing them to additional studies. 


How do I enter the autumn exam series? 

Your son/daughter will have current information we have summarised in a letter included in their results envelope alongside a copy of the “Exam entry form”.  This must be submitted to Mrs Nunn in the Exams Office, along with any payment, ASAP, but no later than:

  • AS/A Level - 3rd September 2020

  • GCSE (except English language and maths) - 17th September 2020

  • GCSE English language and maths only - 1st October 2020


If you have any other queries then please contact the exams office using the information here:

Please note that at the moment, we are awaiting further guidance from Ofqual regarding the autumn exam series, this may include changes to both procedures and costs; we will endeavour to keep students and parents as up to date as we can with any changes.


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